Making + Sketching


When I'm not prototyping and designing experiences, I like to play with 3D printers, laser cutters and real paper. Here are some projects I've done in classes and on my own.
I believe being able to communicate visually as fast as possible is a key skill to being a good designer. Though I still suck at it, I've been learning to sketch so I can quickly articulate my ideas to people around me. 
Acrylic Cube
This is an acrylic cube that I made for fabrication class. The cube is made without any glue, and I worked on designing the joinery to account for the kerf from the laser cutter.
Smartphone Lamp Accessory
Using CAD modeling and my 3D printer, I designed an accessory to use as a lamp with my iPhone flashlight. The goal was to diffuse the light from the flash with a cheap accessory so it doesn't beam in your eyes.
Tactile Google Maps for blind
I worked on an exploratory project to create tactile Google Maps for blind people to navigate city blocks. We used a laser cut map with 3D printed arrows which can be handled to a blind person without a smartphone so they can navigate around intersections.  
I wrote a small JS app which converts a Google Map area to a laser-cutter ready file. We also experimented with a bunch of arrow and tactile designs, some of which are below.
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