Sharing economy for private parking in cities

With ParkPal, we explored the power of the sharing economy to mitigate expensive city parking. We designed an app through which people can share their private parking spaces to create a win-win situation for drivers and city residents.
For people who need to park in the city, ParkPal provides a means of securing parking that is faster and cheaper than either metered street parking or private garage parking. For city residents, it provides a new source of income: a simple, hassle-free way to rent out their driveways and parking spots when they are not using them. 
Team: Apoorv Narang, Yiran Buckley and James Coleman
My Role: UX Design, Visual Design and Motion Design
Tools Used: Personas, Storyboarding, Speed Dating, Balsamiq, Sketch, Principle
Project Duration: 4 weeks
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