PNC Bank

Redesigning PNC Bank's corporate banking app for small and medium businesses

As part of the CMU MHCI capstone project over 7 months, my team worked with PNC Bank to redesign their corporate banking app to better cater to small and medium businesses. 
After 3 months of user research and 4 months of extensive prototyping, the project culminated in delivering four concepts to PNC Bank. I led the team of 5 designers as project lead and focused most of my work on one of the prototypes shown here - Transaction Timeline. I was also heavily involved in the visual design of the other 3 prototypes. 

Team: Apoorv Narang, Andrew Viny, Alan Qiu, Stephanie Chen, Nana Choi
My Role: Project Lead and Product Designer 
Tools Used: Sketch, Principle, Contextual Inquiry, Interviews, Affinity Diagramming, Usability Testing
Project Duration: 7 months
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