Apple Watch app to help you present better

ProPresent is a simple Apple Watch app which helps presenters stay on time and alerts them about their use of hand gestures using haptic feedback.
ProPresent started as a side project to design an Apple Watch app which leverages its sensors and covers a use-case which is only possible with a smartwatch.
The app is a functioning prototype written in Swift. Unfortunately, I was not able to publish it in the App Store due to Apple's restrictions in watchOS 2 disabling analyzing live motion data in the background for a longer period.
Update: watchOS 3 APIs are finally letting me make ProPresent a reality. It's now a work in progress and I hope to release it on the App Store before the end of the year. 
Team: Individual Project
Tools Used: Sketch, Swift
Project Duration: 4 weeks

The app alerts users with haptic feedback on three kinds of alerts:
1. When they are half way through their presentation or talk or if there is just one minute left.
2. When they are using too many hand gestures while speaking.
3. When they are using too less hand gestures while speaking.
All three alerts have a different kind of haptic feedback which the user can quickly feel and learn with a tutorial inside the app. Users can turn on or off particular alerts based on how they want to present. 
Final app
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