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Wayfarer is an easy and fast way to create tactile way-finding maps. Using a combination of 3D printed way finding markers and fully customizable laser cut Google Maps, you can create a Wayfarer map to fit your needs.

How to use

  1. To create the way finding markers, Download the way finding STL files either individually, or as a set, and 3D print.
  2. To create a Wayfarer map, first pan and zoom the map to create the desired representation, then click “add markers”. You now will be shown a black and white representation of the streets.
  3. Click street intersection to add the circular connectors that will be used to connect the way finding markers. You can also add markers elsewhere to facilitate other connectable 3D printed objects.
  4. Click “Download maps” to download two files: one to be laser cut, one to be printed conventionally.


Wayfarer was made as part of a course project in the Applied Fabrication class at CMU by Apoorv Narang, Paul Goodwin, Stephanie Chen and Yan Lin Chen. To collaborate or if you have any questions email us. The code for this web app is open-sourced here.